Expressing Identity

Looking Back / TautukKonik

February 2020

Guest post by: Andrea Procter

The TautukKonik / Looking Back book, an outcome of the A Window on the Past and a Mirror for the Future project is nearing completion!

Over the last three years, Candace Cochrane and I have been working with a group of advisors in Nain and Hopedale, including Rutie Dicker, Levi Nochasak, Julius Dicker, Peggy Andersen, Katie Winters, Maria Merkuratsuk, Fran Williams, Sue Webb, and Bev Hunter to create a book of stories, poems, and text to complement Candace's photos of northern Labrador from 1969-1986. Together, we have interviewed community members, considered the book's layout and approach, and have selected which photos and stories to include.

Candace and I spent time together last summer pairing the stories with the photos, based on the advisory group's suggestions. My recent trip to Nain allowed me to bring the draft back to make sure that all the advisors are happy with it. I also met with the narrators to ensure that they are satisfied with their stories, and that names and places are spelled correctly. I'm very happy with the final input and feedback that the book received!

A big thank you to Rutie Dicker for all her help, especially in connecting me with people in the photos to ask their permission to use their image in the book. Also thank you to Darlene Holwell, Julius Dicker, Katie Winters, Maria Merkuratsuk, Peggy Andersen, Sue Webb, and all the other people in Nain who read the draft, identified people, and edited the text.

The next step is to submit the manuscript to ISER Books for academic review. It's a long process, but we are getting there. TautukKonik / Looking Back should be available in early 2021.