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Inuttitut Language and Learning at your Fingertips

October 2019

Tradition & Transition is happy to announce that the first phase of the Inuttitut Kautamât uKauset (Inuttitut Everyday Words) project, developed by Rita Andersen of Nunatsiavut and Professor Alana Johns from University of Toronto, has been completed!

Based on the language of Nunatsiavut and coming directly from Nunatsiavummiut – whose diligence and knowledge made it possible – the Inuttitut Kautamât uKauset app for tablets and phones has been released.

The app is free to use online, and is available for download and use without internet access. The app’s main features include lots of ready to use language, audio which can be replayed over and over again, themes, flash card settings, full search functionality, a browse component which allows you to apply filters to your word search, a random word generator, and an easy-to-use interface. With over 1000 items, this app is designed to start learning, practicing and perfecting your everyday Inuttut as simple and user-friendly as possible. Stayed tuned to the Tradition & Transition Facebook page for more news about Inuttitut Kautamât uKauset!