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InukBook: Inuktitut Children's Literature Series

Research Team

Joan Dicker

Jodie Lane

Martha MacDonald

Christine Nochasak



This project is led by a committee of people who are interested in producing books for children in Inuktitut, based on stories contributed by people in Nunatsiavut.

After the completion of our first book, Inoviasiutet katattauvinga/The Christmas Drop, the InukBook committee is ready to send out a call for our next project. Stay tuned for an announcement looking for story ideas in late summer on our Facebook page!

Putting together the first book taught us a great deal about the complexity of book production, and also showed us the wealth of talent in Nunatsiavut communities. The story, written by Samantha Jacque, was based on a childhood memory of Nellie Winters and was illustrated by Nellie's granddaughter, Jessica Winters. Wilson Jararuse translated the story text, and Aunt Nellie told her account of the original Christmas drop in both languages. Christine Nochasak transcribed the Inuktitut, and she and Joan Dicker and Alana Johns all contributed their language expertise to make sure we were providing a valuable tool for learning as well as a fun story conjuring up the past.

We also were fortunate enough to draw on the expertise of Nunatsiavut to produce the book. Jordan Broomfield of Sanunguativut, Nunatsiavut's visual design company, did the layout and the company under the direction of Marlene Wheeler produced the book. Project editors Jodie Lane and Martha MacDonald were very happy with the results and their proud faces can be seen in the photos from the book release!

The book was launched at a youth gathering in Makkovik, and the book's reception has encouraged us to begin the next project in the series.

This time we plan to take language learning right back to the essentials and will be looking for submissions with ideas for creating an alphabet book. We hope that a colourful book with bright illustrations and simple words only in Inuktitut will encourage even our youngest readers to pepper their conversation with their new knowledge.

People can obtain a copy of our current book ($12.00) by contacting Monica Peach.

Let us know if you have questions or ideas, and start thinking about your ABCs!