Creation of an Archival Guide for all major Labrador Moravian collections

Expressing Identity


Hans J. Rollmann, Ph.D.; Professor of Religious Studies



The historical and cultural heritage of Nunatsiavut/Labrador has a detailed and rich historical record base in Moravian archival collections in Germany, England, United States, and Labrador. One of the major hindrances in using these vast textual resources is the lack of accessibility. One major project is to develop an archival guide for researchers and community heritage specialists that would include the holdings in the three major extant collections, the Herrnhut collection at the Moravian Archives in Germany; the Bethlehem Collection of Labrador materials in the Moravian Archives in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania; the Muswell Hill Collection at the Moravian Church House Library and Archive in London. Also the Moravian archival materials stored at Them Days Archives in Happy Valley – Goose Bay, Labrador, will be included in this guide, which is much needed in order to open up these collections to academics and for Nunatsiavut stakeholders.