Research Projects

Agvituk / Hopedale History
Avertok Archaeology Project

Arts of the Labrador Inuit
e-database (ALIVe)

Culturally Important Plants and Places of Nunatsiavut

Double Mer Point Archaeology

InukBook: Inuktitut Children's Literature Series

Inuit Self-Government in Canada: The Nunatsiavut Experience

Inuttut Kautamât uKauset
(Inuttut Phrasebook)

Kibokok and Aillik – The Story of Two Hudson Bay Posts

Rigolet Region Archaeological Survey

A Window on the Past and a Mirror for the Future

Animating Labrador Inuit Archives

Creation of an Archival Guide for all major Labrador Moravian Collections

Daughters of Mikak: Celebrating Inuit Women's Leadership in Nunatsiavut

Digitization of the Moravian Church Books of Nunatsiavut/Labrador

Hebron Family Archaeological Project


Inuit Music and Musicians in Moravian Labrador

Johannes Point & Hebron Archaeological Field Work

The Makkovik Plant Book

Tiny Records of Life: Nunatsiavut Embroideries