Johannes Point & Hebron Archeological Field Work


Peter Whitridge

This project maps early Inuit settlements located in Northern Nunatsiavut, at Johannes Point, Hebron Fjord, and the area surrounding the Hebron Mission Site using a UAV, or drone. Test excavation pits will be dug at a pre-contact and early historic Inuit winter village. The mapping and digs are being done to better understand the settlement and economy during the early period of Inuit occupation along the North Coast of Labrador.

The archeological team, led by Peter Whitridge, will visit there areas over the period of five weeks. Community members are encouraged to visit the field camps at any point during the season. Community consultations and end of season open houses help Labrador Inuit to stay informed of the work being done in their Land, and provide a venue for Inuit to voice suggestions.