Landscape of Culture

Double Mer Point Archaeology


Lisa Rankin



This project has involved the excavation of a late 18th century Labrador Inuit winter village located near Rigolet. The site itself marks the end, or destination of the boardwalk from town. This site is particularly interesting because it was occupied when the Inuit operated a long-distance coastal trade network linking their traditional communities in order to exchange Inuit produced goods with European fishermen and traders in southern Labrador who offered European goods. It was also occupied just prior to the settlement of the first European men in the region.

The community of Rigolet invited Dr Rankin to come and excavate at the site as part of their town's tourism policy development. This is particularly relevant with the announcement of the Mealy Mountain National Park.

The entire project is community driven. As well several members of the community have been employed by the project. Finally, we have worked with the Rigolet Heritage Society to establish our lab in the Net Loft in the centre of town so that everyone could feel free to come and have a look at what had been found each day. This was great as people were able to identify many objects archaeologists had not encountered before.