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Researchers have been coming to Nunatsiavut for many years, but this is the first time the Labrador Inuit have entered into such a comprehensive and inclusive research partnership. Tradition & Transition undertakes research that is both by and with the Labrador Inuit. The partnership looks to formalize a model of inclusive Indigenous research that not only greatly expands knowledge, but also enriches communities.

In 2014 Memorial University and the Nunatsiavut Government signed a memorandum of understanding to develop research opportunities in Nunatsiavut. The university would also promote public education within and about Nunatsiavut, and help Nunatsiavut in the development of its own research capacity, social policy development, and cultural management.

An embedded researcher program will see a researcher residency in each of Nunatsiavut's communities. This will help develop community specific research agendas, and open the doors to future research opportunities.

The Nunatsiavut Research Advisory Committee, under the Nunatsiavut Government's Research Office, approves all proposals for research in Nunatsiavut or involving Nunatsiavummiut.

There are currently a dozen research projects launched under Tradition & Transition, with a another dozen in development. All research under the partnership reflects on one or more of these central themes: